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It’s always very exciting when it’s time to pick out new furniture for your bedroom, but it can also be very daunting. While certain people will enjoy the shopping process more than others, it’s important to understand what factors should affect your bedroom furniture purchasing decisions. 

The value of a night of uninterrupted sleep that leaves you feeling rested and ready to tackle your day cannot be overstated. Having great sleep starts with your mattress. If you’re tired of experiencing countless nights of tossing and turning, then it might be time to upgrade your mattress. If you live in Eugene and are looking for the best mattress available to you, a Magniflex mattress from Riley’s is just what you need.  

As a local furniture store located in Eugene, Oregon, we have a lot of experience helping people select the office furniture that they will rely on for years at a time. If you’re designing a new workspace or looking to refurbish your current one, these are some important things to consider to make sure you get the maximum utility out of your office. 

At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene, Oregon, we know a thing or two about getting a good night’s sleep. We have spent years trying to improve the restfulness of our customers through our amazingly comfortable bedroom furniture and mattresses. Here are some little known albeit important components that can affect your sleep. 

At the end of a long day, your bedroom is what serves as your respite from the outside world. It should be a place that is comforting, relaxing and helps to ease the stress of your daily life. At Riley’s, we understand this which is why we only high-quality bedroom furniture that is truly capable of helping you unwind. 

At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene, Oregon, we are committed to selling sustainable furniture of the highest quality to our customers. This is a decision we made long ago and continue to stand by as we believe that sustainable furniture offers the greatest value to our patrons. 

A good night’s sleep is the best way to start your day. For some people, this is easier said than done. If you are using an old mattress, it can really hinder your ability to start your days feeling refreshed and energized. Mattresses are only supposed to last 7 to 8 years, and old mattresses can affect you in ways you probably wouldn’t expect. At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene, Oregon, we understand the value of a good night’s sleep and want to share with you some of the surprising benefits of a new mattress.

How to Soundproof Your Home - December 06, 2016

Your home should be the one place where you can consistently have peace and quiet, but it’s not always easy to make this expectation a reality. At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene, Oregon, we are all about making your home more comfortable. Whether it’s a noisy street outside your bedroom window or loud music coming from your child’s room, there are steps you can take to dampen the sound waves that are giving you a headache and keeping you up at night.

At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene, Oregon, we sell a lot of high quality leather furniture and understand that one of our customer’s primary concerns is keeping their new purchase in pristine condition for as long as possible. We also understand that cleaning leather furniture can be tricky and can easily go wrong, so we developed this guide in the hope of providing a low-risk approach to cleaning your favorite leather piece.                                                                                              

When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, less tends to be more. Leather is a durable material, which is why people are drawn to buying leather furniture, but it can be ruined if not cared for properly. Be warned, not all leather cleaning products are created equal and some may actually damage your leather furniture. This is why the following is a leather cleaning approach that avoids using store bought leather cleaners in lieu of lower-risk home remedies.

Gone are the days when recliners sacrificed style for comfort. With today’s options, you can still get the pinnacle of relaxation you’ve always dreamed of in addition to a tasteful and elegant piece for your living room. Whether it will serve as a base of operations for watching your favorite movie, show or sporting event or as another comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating option in your living room, finding the perfect recliner to meet your needs is an important and potentially intimidating process. It is crucial to understand which options will satisfy both your needs and desires for what will become a fixture in your living room for years to come. Once you know or have a better idea of what you want, come on in to Riley’s Real Wood Furniture where you’ll find the highest quality selection of recliners in all of Eugene.

At Riley’s, we do all of our deliveries with our own drivers, in our own trucks.  Our crew has years of experience as well as being very knowledgeable about the products they handle. So, when you choose Riley’s for your furniture delivery, you’re making a smart choice. But here are some tips to preparing for the big delivery day! 

With summer in full swing, it’s nice to open up the shades and let that Eugene sunshine illuminate your home. However, those beautiful rays of light can be damaging to your living room furniture.

Real wood furniture and real leather furniture should avoid direct sun exposure, but if you do decide to place your new furniture in a room with sunlight, here are some precautions you can take to protect them. 

If you haven’t heard, IKEA recently recalled 29 million chests and dressers after six toddlers died in furniture tip-over accidents. When furniture and TVs aren’t secured properly, they can become a serious hazard for young children. In light of IKEA’s recall, we wanted to share some tips on how to childproof your furniture.

With telecommuting on the rise, a lot of people are working from home. However, with the distractions that come from your house, it’s important to have a space that is organized and equipped for maximum productivity. Not to mention quality office furniture that is comfortable and ergonomically designed.  Next up in our How to Get Your Home Organized series is your home office. Let’s get started!

Is your living room being taken over by toys and clutter? Often times the living room tends to be the most cluttered because it acts as a central gathering location in your home. A nicely organized living room is great for entertaining guests and setting the mood of your home. Next up in our How to Get Your Home Organized series is the living room! Let’s dive in. 

Spring is well underway here in Eugene, Oregon and I’m sure you’re all getting motivated to get some spring cleaning done. Spring is a great time to start fresh and rearrange or reorganize your house, so we thought we’d put together a series of blogs to help you accomplish that. First up is organizing the bedroom! 

You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your home for the comfort of your pet. Many pet owners remodel or decorate their living room and bedroom furniture with their pets in mind. Here’s how you can do the same. 

You’re Invited to SPOT’s “Roaring ‘20s Casino Night”

Now is your chance to win coffee on us! At Rileys Real Wood Furniture we value the feedback from our customers. That’s why we’ve decided to give away a prize to one of our reviewers! From now until February 15th, 2016 if you leave us a review on either Google + or Yelp, your name will be entered to win a $100 Starbuck Gift Card! We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service and we want to hear about your shopping experience with Rileys!

As flex hours and working remotely become more popular, the importance of creating a separate tidy space to work in at home increases. An organized home office that is optimized for your productivity is going to yield you the most success when working from home. Whether it is for personal use or work use, here is how you can organize a home office.  

Do you struggle to sleep well at night? Does your back hurt every morning when you wake up? We may have your solution! Our customers have seen the many benefits of purchasing a Magniflex memory foam mattress. Here are 4 reasons why you need a memory foam mattress right now! 

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a home. Proper lighting affects the functionality and feeling of a space, which is why it’s important to choose it smartly. Here are some tips to consider when planning the lighting around your home. 

At Rileys Real Wood Furniture we see a lot of people debate whether or not they should buy real leather or fake leather. Since we get this a lot, we thought we would devote a post to identifying the pros and cons of real leather vs. fake leather.  Enjoy!

One of the most important factors of buying a couch is looking for quality. You’d rather spend more money on one couch than have to buy another one in a few years, right? We agree. That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog to helping you find the best couch in Eugene! 

Before you start moving furniture around or loading it into your house, we recommend sketching a layout first. This will help you see what the end product will look like and it will help guide your arrangement process. You’ll also want to measure all furniture dimensions to make sure they will fit in the spaces you wish to move them in. Once you have everything measured, here are some ideas on how to arrange your living room furniture. 

In a city as vibrant as Eugene, Oregon, it’s important to keep our community diverse, prosperous, and sustainable. These are all reasons why buying local is a great choice. At Rileys Real Wood we are committed to supporting our local community. Here are our top reasons why you should buy your furniture local! 

At Rileys Real Wood Furniture we understand that purchasing a mattress is a big decision. Especially if there’s two people to think about. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for making the big purchase. Remember, our bedroom furniture sets are made of quality wood and the majority are crafted and designed right here in Oregon! 

While there are many factors that go into finding the right size dining table to suit your family and space, we find it is easiest to start with how many people you will need to seat on a regular basis to determine a starting size for your table.

About Wood Species - August 19, 2015

Wood is wood, right?

Well yes, but not all species of wood used in furniture has the same properties. Many people ask, "which wood is best for me?" or "what difference does it make which wood I choose?"

What follows is a short primer on some commonly used wood species in furniture and short explanations of their properties.

Understanding Finishes - August 03, 2015

There are many kinds of products to choose from for wood finishing. The most common are varnish, conversion varnish, lacquer, and catalyzed lacquer.  When it comes to the furniture we offer, most pieces are finished with either conversion varnish or catalyzed lacquer.

I’m talking stain colors here. Wood furniture is finished in a huge assortment of colors. We sell many pieces that are finished in a natural color.  We love this because it lets the true color and beauty of the wood speak for itself.  If you are considering one of these pieces, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when making your choice.

Summer is in full swing here in Eugene, Oregon and it’s a great time of year to buy new furniture. Not only does the nice weather make it more convenient to transport furniture, but Rileys is sure to have new styles in stock! You won’t even have to break a sweat with our In-Home delivery. Here’s what furniture is on our radar for summer 2015.