How to Get Your Home Organized: Bedroom Edition

April 12, 2016

Spring is well underway here in Eugene, Oregon and I’m sure you’re all getting motivated to get some spring cleaning done. Spring is a great time to start fresh and rearrange or reorganize your house, so we thought we’d put together a series of blogs to help you accomplish that. First up is organizing the bedroom! 


Locate Problem Areas

Take a look at your bedroom and locate the “problem areas.” Perhaps it’s a cluttered vanity or pile of laundry. Tackle it by getting good-looking storage boxes or baskets to place in your closet or underneath your bed. Drawer dividers are also great to sort and easily locate different items. Consider getting a bookshelf or an extra chest to organize excess items. At Riley’s Real Wood, we’ve got a wide selection of bedroom furniture to help you with all of your organizing needs! Shop online today. 


Tackle the Closet

This could be a whole blog in itself! Closets are usually the most cluttered and disorganized section of a bedroom. To help organize this space, do an inventory of everything inside. Gather items that you no longer wear or use (be strict!) and donate them to a local non-profit. Some professional organizers suggest making “keep,” “toss” and “donate” piles. After you inventory, store rarely-used items (like ski jackets) in tucked away places like under the bed or on a high shelf in your closet. Color-coordinate your wardrobe to make it easier and quicker to find items.  If you store shoes here, get a shoe rack (or make your own) to tidy up the floor space.  Last but not least, is to actually clean your closet. Dust, vacuum and wipe down closet walls and floors. 


Optimize Storage

A great way to get your bedroom organized is to have optimal amount of storage. At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture, our selection of bedroom furniture extends all the way to dressers, night stands and storage beds. Having subtle pieces of furniture that provide extra storage is a great way to organize clutter and provide extra shelf space for photos, books, candles, décor, etc. 


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Utilize Vertical Space

A great organizing hack to optimize a small room is to utilize the vertical space. Use stackable laundry baskets to eliminate a cluttered closet. Consider investing in high ceiling storage like high shelves or above the closet storage.  Place items you don’t use often in this space as it will likely be a pain to access every day. Get storage baskets and place miscellaneous items like scarves and hats and place them on these shelves. High shelves also help make a room look taller, so it’s a win-win!


For all of your organizing needs, shop through our living room and bedroom furniture today. We offer Eugene a premiere selection of real wood furniture that is made from high quality materials made here in America. Check back in with us next month for tips on how to organize your living room!