American Leather Revolutionizes the Pull Out Sofa

October 05, 2017

For far too long, sofas that convert into beds have had the reputation of being uncomfortable and hard to sleep on. This is partly because of the bars typically found under the mattress, springs that dig into you while sleeping, and the sagging that occurs the longer the mattress is slept on. They can also be extremely difficult to pull out and put away. These are issues that nobody wants to deal with when they are attempting to get a good night’s rest.

What if we told you that you can now purchase a cozy sofa that transforms into an equally comfortable bed? American Leather’s newest sleeper sofa, known as the comfort sleeper, does just that.

The comfort sleeper includes a mechanism that allows it to open and close with ease. Its mattress sits on a solid platform (no bars to be found!) that provides even support while you sleep. If you’re in the market for a new sofa that converts into a bed, we highly recommend the comfort sleeper for several reasons.

Multiple Sofa Styles To Choose From

When you’re ready to purchase a comfort sleeper, you’ll have about 15 different styles with various designs to select from. Two cushions or three? Chaise or L-shaped? Classic rolled arm design or the modern high leg design? Pick the style that perfectly suits your style and space. You’ll also have hundreds of fabric options. American Leather makes it easy to match your comfort sleeper to the size and style of your other living room furniture.

Several Mattress Options

Another decision you’ll have to make will be the size of mattress that you prefer. You have the option of a cot, double cot, twin, full, queen, queen plus, and king. Once you have a size picked out, you can then select the type of mattress. Options include premier, gel, and tempur-pedic. If you’re concerned about dirt and dust collecting in the mattress when it’s folded into the sofa, you have nothing to worry about. There is a cloth undershield that prevents dust bunnies from forming.


The comfort sleepers are also extremely versatile. You can either keep the mattress folded inside the sofa so you have additional seating for company, or you can pull out the mattress and provide a bed for your guests to sleep on. Even when the mattress is pulled out, it won’t take up as much floor space as other sleepers. This is due to the sleep system extending from within the back of the sofa.    

Quality Engineering and Craftsmanship

American Leather doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the quality of their products. The coverings and frames on their sleeper sofas are cut using computerized and automated technology to guarantee accuracy and precision. European upholstery methods are then used to ensure the cleanest and most tailored lines possible.

Your purchase will also include a lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension, a 10-year warranty on the mechanism, and a warranty that extends five years from the purchase date regarding defects in the workmanship and materials.

Finding a comfortable sofa that’s designed to fit your living space can be difficult. It can be even more challenging to find one that also converts into a bed that’s pleasant for your guests. Fortunately, the comfort sleeper from American Leather offers a remarkable combination of the two.

With all the options that are offered, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. Check out our selection of comfort sleepers and browse our other furniture. If you have any questions or would like to try one out, swing by Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene.