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The Do’s and Don’ts of Furniture Shopping

June 04, 2018

Shopping for furniture can be overwhelming and stressful and not preparing yourself could lead you to make wrong furniture choices, leaving your home cluttered or disorganized. Our team at Rileys Real Wood Furniture put together a few do’s and don’ts to furniture buying to ensure your next experience is a breeze. 

Do Take Measurements

Before you make any plans to purchase furniture you should first measure your space. 

Measure entries and passages

Make sure to measure the interior height and width of every doorway that your furniture will have to go through to get to its final destination. Don’t forget about other passageways that your furniture may have to travel through such as stairways, elevators, and hallways. Also, keep in mind any architectural details and low hanging fixtures.  

Measure rooms

Pick the space in your room where your furniture will be living. Using painters tape, mark out the dimensions on the floor. This will give you a good visual idea if the scale and fit are right for your space. 

Note furniture measurements 

When visiting our showroom make sure to bring a measuring tape to take down dimensions or ask for assistance from a sales associate. If shopping for furniture online, visit our specs tab to locate the width, depth, and height of the piece. 

If you are purchasing a sofa or accent chair, also take note of the diagonal depth. This will help determine if the furniture can be brought through tighter entryways at an angle. 

Don’t Be Scared To Ask A Lot Of Questions 

There are no stupid questions when it comes to furniture shopping. Buying new furniture is a big investment and it can be overwhelming with so many options. You should feel comfortable asking your salesperson questions. Here are a few important questions that we find helpful when shopping for new furniture:

How was the furniture made?

Much of our furniture is handmade right here in Oregon and 90 percent of the furniture is made in the USA. Our sales associates know quite a bit about how the furniture we stock is made and are happy to answer any of your questions

Is there a warranty on the furniture?

Most of our products have at least a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Many of our products at Rileys Real Wood have a lifetime warranty

Do Make Sure To Test Out The Couches 

Test different styles

When testing out sofas and sectionals, make sure to sit on them like you would in your home. Do you sit with your feet up or do you lie down on it? Just remember to take your shoes off before putting your feet on it if that is your sitting style.

Different couches fit different people’s heights. Couches with deeper seats fit taller people best. If you have trouble rising from the seat, try a shallower seat. 

Test different fills

Everyone’s perception of comfort is different. Some people prefer a firm sofa with ample support whereas others prefer a sofa they sink into. 

Test different fabrics 

Your sofa or chair will have a different feel based on the fabric that it is made with. Keep in mind comfort, aesthetics, allergies, and pets. 

If you have allergies or pets consider choosing a leather or microfiber couch. These are both lint-free and do not attract dust. Leather and microfiber are both durable, easy to clean, and can withstand the extra wear and tear. 

When picking a sofa that you know will be getting lots of use make sure to check if the fabric wrinkles easily or stretches. A sofa will look unkempt and fallen-in if it has sagging fabric. Look for sofas with woven patterns over printed patterns, high thread counts, and tight weaves.

It is important to keep these few tips in mind when shopping for furniture to ensure that the furniture you buy is furniture you can live with. When you are ready to shop for your home’s new furniture, keep Rileys Real Wood Furniture in mind.