home office in small spaces

Creating a Productive Home Office in Small Spaces

March 05, 2018

Working from home has become increasingly popular, but everyone may not have the space for a sizeable workspace. When trying to make a home office with limited room, it is necessary to get creative with the space that is available to you.

Luckily, with a little imagination, and the right furniture you can turn any part of your house into a brilliant home office

Use Undervalued Space in Your Home

Take a critical look at your home and rearrange your furniture to identify which areas don’t get much use. By being innovative and selecting  furniture that maximises your space, like this L desk, you can turn a vacant corner of your living room into a productive work nook. Add this computer desk, perfect for small spaces, to an unused closet to create a valuable workplace.

Multipurpose Furniture

If all of the space in your home is at a premium, consider using furniture that you already have such as a bedroom vanity or console table. Even your night stand could double as a filing cabinet or as a place to store office supplies

Kitchen tables can make suitable desks. The only downfall is their lack of drawers or shelves. To make sure your dining area doesn’t become overridden with clutter, consider using a caddy for storage. At the end of the day, these can be tucked under tables or into closets. To reduce scratches from wear and tear add a tablecloth or a runner.

Stay Organized

You can’t get much done in a home office that is a cluttered mess. Unless you are regularly cleaning your desk, clearing the floor, and weeding through your filing system, you can quickly find yourself buried in stacks of paper or lost in clutter.

Holding on to unnecessary belongings can rapidly pile up. You want your makeshift office to be harmonious with the rest of your home. Make sure it doesn’t stand out with piles of paper and office supplies scattered about. A good rule of thumb is to seasonally go through your belongings and discard anything dispensable.

Stay organized by taking advantage of your wall space. Capitalize on vertical and horizontal space by installing shelves above your desk. Or if you don’t need all of the foot space under your desk, add a filing cabinet for additional storage.

Keep Yourself Inspired

It’s important to create an inspiring and energizing area where you want to spend time and feel most creative and productive.

“If you are working in an environment where there's something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better,” says psychologist Chris Knight. Keep yourself inspired by painting your walls a color that you love. Display pictures of your loved ones or hang a framed piece of artwork by your favorite artist.

At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture, we have several options of desks, task lighting, and office chairs for all of your home office needs. Stop in and we will be happy to find you the perfect piece to suit your home office.