How to Choose the Right Recliner

October 10, 2016

Gone are the days when recliners sacrificed style for comfort. With today’s options, you can still get the pinnacle of relaxation you’ve always dreamed of in addition to a tasteful and elegant piece for your living room. Whether it will serve as a base of operations for watching your favorite movie, show or sporting event or as another comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating option in your living room, finding the perfect recliner to meet your needs is an important and potentially intimidating process. It is crucial to understand which options will satisfy both your needs and desires for what will become a fixture in your living room for years to come. Once you know or have a better idea of what you want, come on in to Riley’s Real Wood Furniture where you’ll find the highest quality selection of recliners in all of Eugene.


How big do you want your recliner to be and how much space do you have for it? Size should play a crucial role in your recliner discernment process. Measure the space where you plan on placing your new recliner and keep in mind that most need 3 feet of space behind them in order to fully extend.

If you’re having trouble finding enough space to fit a new recliner, our guide to helping keep your living room organized may be able to help.


One Piece vs. Two Piece Recliners

One piece recliners are more traditional, but a two piece set allows for more variability and moves easily giving you more control in finding that sweet spot for maximum relaxation. It’s also important to keep in mind that one piece recliners tend to be a good deal heavier than their two piece counterparts. If you’re someone who likes to frequently move the furniture in your living room, consider going with a two piece model like this one from manufacturer Fjords by Hjellegjerde.


Leather vs. Fabric

Often, this is a stylistic question that will depend on your personal tastes and matching the existing décor of your home, but there are other important factors to consider. A leather recliner will give your room a classic, elegant look while also being hypoallergenic, easier to maintain and more durable. However, leather is more susceptible to humidity and scratches. Fabric has a more contemporary appeal and offers more variety in colors and patterns. On the other hand, fabric stains easier and can harbor dust and other allergens.

For more information on caring for leather furniture, check out this useful guide.


Choosing the Right Base

Do you want your recliner to rock back and forth, rotate or be firmly planted on four legs? Answering this has a lot to do not only with function but the style you want your recliner to bring to your living room. Swivel and rocker bases allow for more mobility while fixed base models give a great option for those looking to venture away from the typical recliner look. Check out this stylish fixed base recliner made by American Leather.


Reclining Mechanism

There are multiple options for how your recliner moves between its various positions. Power recliners move with a simple press of a button while manual recliners require the use of a handle or lever. If you want your recliner to look like just another armchair, consider going for a push-back model which forgoes unsightly buttons or levers and operates by applying pressure to the back of the chair.


If you still have unanswered questions or concerns, come on in to Riley’s Real Wood Furniture. We have the best selection of recliners in Eugene, Oregon and the knowledgeable staff to help you with all of your home furniture needs.