How to Get Your Home Organized: Home Office Edition

June 08, 2016

With telecommuting on the rise, a lot of people are working from home. However, with the distractions that come from your house, it’s important to have a space that is organized and equipped for maximum productivity. Not to mention quality office furniture that is comfortable and ergonomically designed. Next up in our How to Get Your Home Organized series is your home office. Let’s get started!


Organize your paper storage

Do you have documents stacking up and cluttering your desk? The first thing to tackle in your home office’s organizing, is the paper storage. There are a lot of options out there from file storage cabinets to boxes. You can shop through our office furniture to pick something out that’s right for you! Now is also a good time to go through all of your paperwork and purge any unnecessary documents. You also might transfer them to digital files if you don’t need the hardcopies to save the most space.

Create a message board

A great way to organize all of your phone messages, meetings, appointments, etc. is to create a message board with a calendar. You can add things as they come and keep everything in one place. Consider choosing one that has a whiteboard or chalkboard to easily write notes. Just make sure it’s easy to reach and write on from your desk!

Divide office into zones

A great way to organize your home office is to establish separate work stations to optimize productivity. For example, create a printing station, mail station, office supply zone, etc. You can physically divide them with features like folding screens, curtains, bookcases or other office furniture. Some other ways to divide zones are to use things like paint, wallpaper and area rugs to use as borders. 

Color code

This timeless organizing hack is perfect for a home office. A color-coded filing system will make it much easier for you to find specific documents. Once you establish which color corresponds with which category (e.g. red for bills and green for invoices) you can incorporate it into the entire set up of your office. The great thing about color-coding is that you can tailor it to your needs! 


Once you devise a plan to organize your home office, make sure to head over to Eugene’s premiere furniture store, Riley’s Real Wood! We carry a number of local brands and pieces that are made from real wood and 100% real leather. Invest in your home office with quality furnishings! For further tips on creating a productive home office, see our related article