How to Pet-Proof Your Home and Furniture

March 02, 2016

You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your home for the comfort of your pet. Many pet owners remodel or decorate their living room and bedroom furniture with their pets in mind. Here’s how you can do the same. 

1. Vacuum regularly 

If you haven’t already, it might be time to splurge on a nice vacuum! Good vacuums aren’t cheap, but if you want to cut down on your cleanup time, a nice vacuum will surely pay for itself in the long-run. Vacuum floor and living room furniture regularly to prevent hair build-up. You can even get a pet tool attachment to make grooming easy and efficient like the FURminator or the Dyson Groom Tool. If you have laminate or vinyl floors (preferred for pet owners) use area rugs to reduce the amount of scratches and slips on your floor. Just make sure to vacuum them regularly!

2. Choose your living room furniture and bedroom furniture wisely  

When it comes to the lifespan of your furniture, it’s important to choose materials that are durable. Real leather is one of the best fabrics to stand the wear and tear of your pets because it’s odor-resistant, easy to wipe clean and resilient. Shop online through our wide selection of top-grain leather couches and sectionals now! For your bedroom furniture, investing in a high-quality mattress that is made with breathable material like a Magniflex, will prevent odor. The Toscana Cotton Grande Dual 12 mattress is great for pet owners because it has a removable cover among many other features! 

3. Use easy to clean bedding and throw blankets

Get a machine washable duvet cover for your bed. This is much easier to toss in the washer after a pet accident than a full size down comforter. For your living room furniture, get a few throw blankets to protect your couch from hair, odors and scratches.

4. Color coordinate

If you’re buying new living room or bedroom furniture, use like-colored pieces so that your pet’s fur doesn’t stand out as much. For example if you have a black lab, go for a black couch like our Fifth Avenue Leather Sofa from Omnia Leather. 

5. Bathe and groom your pet regularly

One of the best ways to keep excess hair from clumping around your home is to bathe and brush your pet regularly. If you have a dog that sheds more than most, consider getting a grooming tool like the FURminator. It’s also important to clip your pet’s nails regularly to reduce scratches on your floors and furniture.  

6. Invest in a nice dog bed and chewing toys

If you recently purchased a top-grain leather couch, then it’s probably a good idea to keep your pet off your furniture. A great way to deter pets from curling up on the couch next to you is to buy them their own bed. There are a lot of options our there for dog beds, from orthopedic to pillow beds. Once you find a dog bed, we recommend getting a dog bed duvet cover to make washing quick and easy!


You don’t have to choose between your pets and your furniture with these tips. Shop today at Eugene’s premiere furniture store for high quality bedroom and living room furniture that will fight against the wear and tear of your pet.