Magniflex: The Best Mattresses Available in Eugene, Oregon

June 01, 2017

The value of a night of uninterrupted sleep that leaves you feeling rested and ready to tackle your day cannot be overstated. Having great sleep starts with your mattress. If you’re tired of experiencing countless nights of tossing and turning, then it might be time to upgrade your mattress. If you live in Eugene and are looking for the best mattress available to you, a Magniflex mattress from Riley’s is just what you need.  

What sets Magniflex apart from the competition?

It is Magniflex’s goal to provide comfortable, breathable sleeping materials that allow their users to maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night for ideal sleeping conditions. To accomplish this, all of the fabrics used by Magniflex are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Their fabrics are made from natural fibers that offer real health benefits. Often, memory foam mattress are made of dense material that trap heat causing sleepers to become uncomfortably warm during the night. Magniflex has specifically designed their state-of-the-art materials to combat this all too prevalent problem.

Let’s take a look at some of Magniflex’s available features to further illustrate what puts these world-class mattresses a head above the competition.


OUTLAST Viscose Cover

OUTLAST is a heat-regulating fabric that was originally designed for use in astronaut space suits! No, you didn’t read that wrong. OUTLAST features millions of tiny wax spheres that help to regulate temperature. When these spheres reach a temperature of 96F, they melt and trap excess temperature. Once OUTLAST cools down below 96F, the spheres regain their shape and the trapped heat is released.


Dual Cores

Most Magniflex mattresses come with their dual core technology. This means that the mattress is divided into two cores, one for each side of the bed. One side of the core is firm while the other is soft. This is perfect for couples who prefer a softer or firmer mattress than their partner. No longer do you need to sleep on a mattress firmer or softer than you prefer.



Magniflex mattresses feature Memoform layers. These layers are designed to do two things:

  1. React dynamically to your body’s shape and size to offer comfort and support while contouring perfectly to your body​

  2. Reduce the amount of heat that is typically trapped by memory foam

By using a high density, open-cell structure, Magniflex’s Memoform provides the same quality that you come to expect from a memory foam mattress while drastically improving the mattresses breathability. If you’ve used a memory foam mattress in the past, you may have experienced waking up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat generated by the amount of heat retained by the mattress. This is no longer a problem with Magniflex’s Memoform as you can stay cool throughout the entire night.


Magnigel Foam

While all Magniflex mattresses feature Memoform, some also have a Magnigel foam layer in addition. Like Memoform, Magnigel foam is soft, supportive, and comfortable, but it is made out of a highly breathable, flexible gel. Magnigel foam gives your mattress or pillow a fresh, cool sensation and will work to keep your temperature stable throughout the night.

Magnigel foam’s breathable structure allows for much greater airflow through the mattress and will provide you with a fantastically fresh feeling all night long.


If you’re interested in learning more about Magniflex’s amazing mattresses or would just like to try one out for yourself, come into Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene. Our professional and courteous sales staff can answer your questions and help you find out if a Magniflex mattress is right for you.