Designer Tricks to Maximize your Living Space

August 04, 2018

Shopping for furniture in Eugene, Oregon can be difficult if you live in a small space. Trust us, we've been there. Our furniture experts put together a few tricks to help you maximize your living space. 

Keep it simple

The biggest culprit in making small spaces feel even smaller is clutter. Avoid too many knick-knacks or organize and display them in a meaningful way that reads as an installation. 

Same with art. Concentrate all of your framed artwork on one wall and avoid busy wallpaper, patterns, or overwhelming colors. If you love bright colors and patterns, focus it on an accent wall. 

When living in a small space, or really any space, you should be intentional about what goes into your decorating. 

Play with Scale

Don’t be afraid of a few oversized pieces of furniture. Cramming in lots of little things into a small space can actually make the room feel cluttered and smaller. Be selective and pick a few large pieces for comfort. 


White and light greys are a safe go-to color for small spaces. They allow the room to feel airy and light. Lighter colors also help a room to appear less cluttered. 

It is best to stay away from dark colors. Dark colors don’t allow light to reflect around the room, making the space appear smaller. 

Just because your walls are white doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun when designing your home. Use pops of dramatic color to move your attention around the room. Just remember that dramatic colors should be repeated and balanced. 

Wall Space

Use shelving to move storage and objects off the ground. Maximize your room’s square footage by using shelving to hold books and decor. 

Hang artwork slightly higher than you normally would. This draws your eye upwards creating the appearance of more vertical space. Curtains hung well above a window adds airiness and height to a room and makes your windows appear larger than they actually are.


Small homes are short on storage areas. Purchase furniture that has storage space included like our Montano two drawer nightstand for your bedroom or our Corridor Console table equipped with plenty of extra storage. 

Use multipurpose furniture in your home whenever possible. If you are living in a smaller area you probably don’t have room for a spare bedroom that gets minimal use. Pick from our large assortment of comfort sleepers that feature more sleep space in less floor space and can even be disassembled to fit through narrow hallways and doorways. 


Not only do rugs add warmth, texture, color, and personality to your home but they can also soften hardwood floors and make your living space appear larger. Lighter rugs like our Paulina Hype area rug or our Lounge Marquia area rug are great options for making your room appear larger than they actually are. Choosing a large rug, even in a bold pattern, makes a room feel larger. Large rugs don’t visually break up the floor leaving your room feeling larger. 

If you are looking for new furniture to aid in making your home feel larger than ever, stop by Rileys Real Wood Furniture. We would be thrilled to help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home.