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How to Create a Stunning and Functional Entryway

February 04, 2018

We all know how important first impressions are, so why not make a great one with

Even if your home doesn’t have the space for an obvious foyer, a little creativity and intelligent selection of furniture can establish a stunning entryway. 

By placing a large piece of furniture such as a console table you immediately anchor the area. Add a side chair or a large mirror and you have an instant entryway. 

Here are some furniture ideas to help make a functional and inviting entryway. 


If you have the space, your foyer can double as a mini sitting room. Benches create a welcoming space for guests and provide a functional area for taking off and putting on shoes. We love this bench as it will add a bit of style to any space. 

Accessorize benches with throw pillows or plants to show your personal style. Place shoes under your bench for added storage and to keep the inevitable Oregon mud from getting tracked into your home.

Console tables 

A console table is a classic furniture choice for decorating an entryway. 

It’s the perfect surface for setting mail and keys. You can also use this space for styling a vignette or displaying some of your favorite items. 


Mix heights and textures and include items such as picture frames, lamps, or floral arrangements to create an interesting vignette.

Console tables are also great for hiding your clutter. Pick one with drawers like this table and you instantly have added storage space. 

Coat racks

Placing a coat rack by the door helps keep your home organized as they make a great storage space for coats, hats, and hanging bags. 

This two tone coat rack is a great contemporary addition and has rubberwood tips that protect coats and jackets from abrasion. 



A space can instantly feel larger and brighter just by the addition of a mirror. Mirrors will reflect light from glass doors or light fixtures above your door and create the appearance of more depth. 

Play with scale by placing large pieces such as art or mirrors in your foyer to create a dramatic focal point. Placing this large mirror above your bench or console table will instantly create an exciting addition to your entryway.

Mirrors are a great practical addition for checking your hair or adjusting your clothes on your way out the door. 



Swap out your old, frayed welcome mat for a more stylish rug that will make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Rugs are a great way to add pattern and interest to your entryway, and they are helpful for keeping mud and dirt from getting tracked into the rest of your house. 


At Rileys Real Wood Furniture, we have rugs in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your living area. We also have a variety of styles, ranging from this geometric rug that has a nod to mid-century design or this rug that takes traditional designs but re-invents them with a more modern palette. 


No matter your style or vision for your home, Riley’s Real Wood Furniture has many solutions to help you create the most stunning entryway.