The Benefits of Buying Sustainable Furniture

February 07, 2017

At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture of Eugene, Oregon, we are committed to selling sustainable furniture of the highest quality to our customers. This is a decision we made long ago and continue to stand by as we believe that sustainable furniture offers the greatest value to our patrons. 


Green Furniture vs. Sustainable Furniture

Often, the terms “green” and “sustainable” get thrown around together leading some to believe that the two words are interchangeable. When it comes to furniture, this is not the case. People often give the label “green” to furniture which is made from recycled materials. While we completely support efforts to reduce landfill waste and repurpose old materials, furniture is not sustainable just because it is made from recycled resources. Sustainable furniture is built to last decades, not just one or two years, and that is the main difference between them.


Environmental Benefits 

There are many different environmental benefits to purchasing sustainable furniture. First, sustainable furniture has a much longer life cycle. That means it won’t end up in the local landfill within a couple years of its purchase. Also, sustainable furniture uses wood sourced from sustainable forests. This means that as trees are chopped down for production, saplings are planted to replace them which promotes healthy use of our natural resources. 

Cheap furniture is often made from composite materials such as particleboard and cardboard. Certain chemicals are required to manufacture these materials which causes them to have a larger environmental footprint.  As particleboard and cardboard age, they start to deteriorate until they become completely unusable. You have a much longer opportunity to refinish sustainable furniture and make it look brand new, even after years of use.  

Another way that Riley’s sustainable furniture provides environmental benefits is that 90% of the products in our showroom are made in the United States. This cuts down greatly on our carbon footprint. With some big name retailers, almost everything they sell arrives via shipping container as their products are fabricated overseas and exported to the United States. 


Monetary Benefits

Sustainable furniture is designed to entice consumers through its promise of providing good utility for long periods of time. Furniture made from inexpensive components is designed to entice customers by being cheap. However, sustainable furniture is actually the more economical choice in the long-run. While it requires a larger up front expense, sustainable furniture makes up for it by lasting for a greater amount of time compared to cheaper options. Yes, a cheap table costs less than a quality one, but you will have to purchase anywhere from 2 to 5 of those tables during the lifespan of the sustainable alternative. In this sense, sustainable furniture pays for itself over the course of its life.


Aesthetic Benefits

When it comes to looks, there is no real comparison between sustainable and cheap furniture. Nothing beats the look and rich luster of wood’s natural grain. Most inexpensive furniture is easily identifiable as being cheap. 


If you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture whether it’s for a dining room, bedroom, living room or home office, you need not look any farther than Riley’s Real Wood Furniture for the best sustainable options in Eugene, Oregon.