The price of fast furniture

The Price of Fast Furniture

May 04, 2018

We live in a world that expects immediacy. We’ve heard of fast food and fast fashion and now we are starting to see fast furniture.

At Riley’s Real Wood Furniture, we take great pride in our beautiful and quality furniture and want our customers to know that they are purchasing something special that will last generations.

What is fast furniture?

Fast furniture can be spotted by it’s cheap, flimsy, and disposable furnishing options often sold at big box stores.

It’s poorly made

Fast furniture is often made of cheap materials like particle board that is not made to stand the test of time. Particle board furniture often falls apart during disassembly, reassembly, and moving. 

When particle board furniture is placed next to real wood furniture it is easy to tell the difference. Particle board is much more flimsy and often times the veneer or laminate peels away. Once these have been peeled away, exposed particle board begins to crumble. If exposed particle board gets wet it absorbs the water and will act like corrugated cardboard.

It’s made with toxins

Particle board is in most fast furniture due to its low cost. Although it comes at a high price when it comes to health. Particleboard contains harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a potent toxin that is classified as a human carcinogen. 

It ends up in the landfill 

Like other inexpensive products such as fast fashion, fast furniture is made at lightning speed. Ikea makes 15 Billy bookcases a minute and they sold over 41 million units of this bookcase by 2009.

Due to this mass production of fast furniture, it often ends up in landfills. While particle board can be made of recycled wood, it is bound together by resin which makes it unrecyclable. 

The EPA reported that furniture accounts for 9.8 million tons of household waste and is the number one least-recycled household item.

What should we be looking for instead?

Furniture made of whole materials 

Particle board is unmatched to real wood. Furniture made with real wood has beautiful grains, carved details, and is an impressive addition to any room. Solid wood has strength and durability that can stand the test of time and any move. 

Wood furniture is made from sturdy construction whereas particle board may fall apart when drilled or sawed because it is often held together with glue or staples. 

Buying fewer pieces of higher quality 

While you may be marveling at the cheap prices of particle board furniture, multiply that price many times over. Instead of spending more on multiple pieces of cheap furniture invest in fewer, higher quality pieces.

Make it a priority to buy furniture that is made out of quality materials which can handle moves, the wear and tear of children, and daily use.

Fast furniture items don’t retain their resale value. Furniture made of real wood is sturdy and can become an heirloom piece that will be a part of your family for generations. 

When it comes time to consider a new piece of furniture, look past the fast furniture and remember the hidden costs behind the low price tag and the huge environmental impact it has. 

Make responsible furniture choices a priority and head to Riley’s Real Wood for our vast selection of local and handmade real wood furniture