4 Easy Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Home

April 05, 2018

The dark, gloomy days are dissipating and being replaced with the warmer, brighter days of Spring. Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts, so why not welcome the spirit of Spring into your home by refreshing and brightening up your space!

Start with Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again, and whether you love it or hate it, spring cleaning is the perfect way to reset and declutter.

This spring, invest in additional storage space to free yourself of any unwanted clutter.

Seasonally cleaning out your home can also increase productivity and elevate your mood.

Brighten up Your Home

Dark and cozy spaces are great in winter months. However, a great way to greet spring is by brightening up your home.

During the cooler months, heavy drapes are great for insulating your room and adding an extra layer of protection for your windows. However during the spring season, it isn’t as necessary to keep extra heat inside your home.

Light and airy curtains are a great way to introduce sunshine and natural light into your home while keeping your house naturally warm.

Another easy way to create more light in your home is by installing mirrors with a fresh, modern aesthetic. Mirrors bounce light around the room and disperse natural light that may have been trapped by a door or window.

If your home is in a shaded space and doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, consider adding a table or floor lamp to your room for additional light.

flowers on table

Add Flowers and Succulents

Nothing says spring like fresh blooms in a vase.

Bouquets are a great way to boost your mood, foster creativity and are welcoming and inspiring decor.

Fill your home with striking lillies or a few fresh cut stems of daffodils for a rustic cottage feel. If you want a sleeker look, place two or three stems in an elegant vase.

If you want greenery in your home that will last longer than cut flower stems, potted plants are a great alternative.

House plants not only bring life and beauty into a home, but they also help to purify the air. Consider spending a sunny spring afternoon at your local greenhouse to pick out some new houseplants.

Added bonus: potted plants will last year round with little maintenance!

Introduce Colorful Patterns

Another simple way to welcome spring into your home is through colorful patterns. Combining various patterns and colors can brighten a space and infuse life into it.

This cherry blossom area rug has bold color and large scale designs that brings a youthful spirit and powerful design to any room.

If you are looking for something more neutral, try this Lounge Marquia area rug to brighten up your living room or bedroom. Its contemporary style and bold pattern could live in any home.

At Riley’s Real Wood we are welcoming spring with open arms. Stop in to view our selection of storage furniture, lamps, and rugs that can help transform your house into a bright and airy home.