Why You Should Buy Your Furniture Local in Eugene, OR

October 05, 2015

In a city as vibrant as Eugene, Oregon, it’s important to keep our community diverse, prosperous, and sustainable. These are all reasons why buying local is a great choice. At Rileys Real Wood we are committed to supporting our local community. Here are our top reasons why you should buy your Eugene furniture local! 

Support your community and local economy.

Local businesses are what make our community here in Eugene, Oregon so unique. Studies have shown that buying local generates more benefits for the local economy than buying from a national chain store. By buying your next dining room table or couch from a local store like Rileys, you are strengthening the economic base of the community.  

Reduce environmental impact.

As a consumer, one of our biggest concerns in today’s age is the impact we have on the environment. By choosing to buy your living room furniture set here in Eugene, Oregon, you are greatly decreasing the environmental impact it has. Your purchase at Rileys requires far less transportation, pollution, and urban sprawl.  At Rileys, we are committed to doing what we can to help preserve the environment and the health of our planet. That’s why our real wood furniture is made of sustainably harvested wood products and uses finishes that meet the EU standards for low VOC emissions. In order to help preserve our forests, our Oregon suppliers are committed to purchasing wood approved by the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) or the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Create more jobs.

By choosing a local store to buy your next bedroom furniture set or couch, you are creating more local jobs. Instead of corporations who are typically only hiring clerks and entry level positions, local businesses have jobs for accountants or web developers. Positons that aren’t centralized at corporate headquarters. 

Get better quality and service.

When you buy your furniture from a local store like Rileys Real Wood, you get handcrafted furniture sets that are made here in the USA. You won’t find any cheap imports that are poorly assembled. All of our furniture is built to last with real wood and custom designs. Also, local businesses tend to hire people that know more about their products. Employees from Rileys Real Wood take more time to get to know customers and provide them with a positive experience.


Invest in your community by shopping at Rileys Real Wood today!